Veteran Housing Grants

The Home Depot Foundation’s (THDF) Veteran Housing Grants Program awards grants to nonprofit organizations for the development and repair of veterans housing. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $80 million, and has helped impact mroe than 17,000 units of housing for veterans. Awards typically range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Many one-off single family home repair requests are a better fit for our Team Depot or Community Impact Grant programs. Veteran Housing Grants are best suited to fund single family home repairs when they are a part of a permanent program managed by the nonprofit partner.

Eligible Projects

  • New construction, rehab or repair, single family or multifamily, permanent supportive housing or transitional housing.
  • Grants are awarded solely for the physical construction or repair of housing for veterans (hard costs). THDF does not provide funding for soft costs, such as furnishings, rental subsidies, tenant services, etc.
  • Target population of veterans, at or below 80% AMI.
  • Projects in which at least 20% of the units are reserved for veterans.
  • All veterans served are honorably discharged.
  • Project will commence within the next twelve months.
  • THDF grant funding must comprise less than 50% of the total development cost of the project.
  • 75% of the project’s funding sources have been identified at the time of proposal submission.
  • The amount of funding requested does not exceed $25,000 per veteran unit.
  • For multifamily rental projects, proposals requesting above $100,000 must provide evidence of a third party binding agreement that ensures the units are a.) reserved for veterans; b.) occupied by veterans for a minimum of 15 years for rental or 3 years for homeownership ( i.e. project-based HUDVASH, other funder requirement, deed restriction, zoning requirement, etc.).

Eligible Applicants

  • Grants are only awarded to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations that have been in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service for at least 5 years.
  • Organizations with a current operating budget of at least $300,000 and audited financial statements from the past three years.
  • Organizations with previous experience developing, and either currently manage or own, veteran specific housing.
  • For rental projects, nonprofit must have a 15+ year ownership stake in the development.

Preferred Project Criteria

  • Projects which serve the housing needs of women veterans with children, Post 9/11 wounded warriors, veterans with caregivers, homeless veterans, or aging in place for senior veterans.
  • Projects which combine addressing the housing needs of veterans with supportive services or opportunities for community service activities.
  • Projects with a funding request between $15,000 and $25,000 per veteran unit.
  • Projects located in urban/major metropolitan areas.
  • Projects with a mix of local private/public financial support as well as a mix of local, city, state, federal and private funding.
  • Proposals which clearly demonstrate how organization will track and report outcomes.
  • Proposals which clearly demonstrate how organization will locate and identify veterans.
  • Organizations willing to provide volunteer opportunities for local Home Depot store associates.
  • Multi-family developments which;
    o Have a substantial track record in developing and managing housing projects for veterans as well as providing services to veterans.
    o Have site control.
  • Single Family New Construction projects which;
    o Have a track record in developing, gifting and selling housing to veterans.
    o Have site control of the lots.
    o Veterans have been identified and qualified.
  • Single Family Home Repair projects which;
    o Have a track record of identifying and managing critical repairs on a veteran’s home.
    o A waitlist of veterans exists.


All applicants will first complete a questionnaire to determine their eligibility to receive funding through this program. If the project is eligible, applicants will be directed to submit a Grant Proposal for consideration by THDF. Only proposals submitted through the online application process will be considered for funding. Proposals submitted by mail, phone, or e-mail will not receive funding and will be directed to the online application process.

A THDF staff member will follow up with you regarding the status of your proposal no later than 45 days after submission. Proposals will be declined, approved for Application or queued for the next funding cycle. Proposals are meant to gauge the Foundation’s interest in participating in a project while allowing us to queue projects strategically in our pipeline. Proposals will continue to be accepted year round and after the deadlines below however will be queued for the next funding cycle.

If your proposal is competitive, you will be invited to complete an Application. Upon completion, a site visit may be conducted and your organization will be subject to a third party review. Pending a successful review, a final decision will be reached at the Foundation’s Board meeting. Please review the table below to determine the appropriate deadline to submit your proposal. 


Final determinations will be made three times a year. Please review the table below to determine the appropriate deadline to submit your proposal. Again, proposals are accepted year round. If a proposal is submitted after the deadlines below, it will be queued for the next funding cycle.

Cycle   |  Grant Proposal Due Date   |  Final Determinations

1                    12/12/2014                             April 2015

2                    2/24/2015                               August 2015

3                    6/23/2015                               December 2015

Cycle   |  Grant Proposal Due Date   |  Final Determinations

1                    10/27/15                             April 2016

2                    2/24/16                               August 2016
3                    6/23/16                                December 2016

You may access the Grant Proposal using the links below.

To complete the questionnaire and to submit a Grant Proposal, click here.
To access a saved Grant Proposal, click here.

Grant Terms & Reporting Requirements

If awarded, the terms for this grant will be 12 months from the approval date. You will be required to submit an interim report and a Final Report that will be outlined in your grant agreement. Site visits may be conducted with prior notification by THDF Staff.

Contact Information

Questions? Please visit our FAQ page.

For further inquiries, contact us via email at The Veteran Housing Grant Program only provides grants to nonprofit organizations for the development and repair of housing for veterans. Please use “Veteran Housing Grant Program” in the subject line of your email.