Product Donation

Framing Hope, a Material Difference

The Home Depot, The Home Depot Foundation and Good360 collaborate on a unique product donation program, called Framing Hope, to divert excess merchandise from our stores away from landfills and into the homes and lives of thousands of deserving families across the country each year.

Since the program began in 2008, more than $150 million of product has been donated to 1,600+ local nonprofit organizations reaching more than 600,000 low-income families. Nonprofit organizations that focus on providing affordable housing are partnered with local Home Depot stores to receive donated materials. The nonprofits then use those products to repair, refurbish, and rebuild nearby homes and facilities benefitting deserving families and individuals.

Vegas Warehouse Opens

Local nonprofits win in Las Vegas with the opening of the seventh Framing Hope Warehouse. We are teaming up with HELP of Southern Nevada and 12 local stores to get supplies to local nonprofits in need through the Warehouse.

Focus on Veterans

When the Foundation made its veterans’ pledge, the Framing Hope program evolved to make sure that nonprofits dedicated to veterans’ housing issues have access to the program. In 2012, more than $10 million of the $37 million in donations went directly to veterans’ nonprofits.

Environmental Impact

In addition to its social impact, Framing Hope also has a significant economic and environmental impact. A 2012 study conducted by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University concluded that the program has saved more than $56 million in embodied energy costs including:
  • Landfill space and volume equivalent to approximately 6,000 garbage trucks
  • Manufacturing energy savings are enough to power 150 homes for one year
  • Consumption energy savings of more than 3,300,000 kWh, which translates to a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to planting 517 acres of pine forest

Warehouse Strategy

To increase the program’s impact, The Home Depot and Good360 launched a warehouse strategy in 2009. Today there are seven Framing Hope Warehouses in Buffalo, NY; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Indianapolis, IN; and Las Vegas, NV that partner multiple Home Depot stores with large nonprofit organizations that have the logistical capability to redistribute the products to a wide range of smaller nonprofit organizations. For example, 30 Home Depot stores donate products to the Los Angeles Framing Hope Warehouse, which serves more than 200 smaller community nonprofit organizations, including those whose mission is to serve military veterans.