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Community Impact Grant FAQs


We have an E.I.N. number but we are not a 501(c)(3). Can we still apply?

The Home Depot funds nonprofit organizations that are recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In some circumstances, applications that are submitted by organizations that are not 501(c)(3) exempt will be considered, but only to the extent that they are requesting funds to support a charitable purpose as defined by the IRS.

Are there specific types of organizations or programs that The Home Depot Foundation will not fund through the Community Impact Grants Program? 

The Home Depot Foundation does not make grants to any of the following:
  • Nonprofit organizations that have been in existence for less than one year
  • Churches and religious organizations whose improvement project primarily serves their congregation and not the overall community
  • Any organization that does not comply with The Home Depot's non-discrimination policy
  • Scholarships or other direct support to individuals or families
  • Fraternal, political, labor, athletic or social organizations, civic clubs, candidates or projects
  • Sponsorship or prizes for events such as conferences, festivals, dinners, sports competitions, art exhibits, fundraisers (e.g. dinners, walks/runs/relays, golf tournaments and auctions)
  • Requests for The Home Depot’s Kids Workshop kits and/or aprons
  • Capital campaigns, endowments or endowed chairs
  • Film, music, television, video or media production projects or broadcast underwriting
  • Goodwill advertising or marketing
  • Any other support that does not meet the IRS’s definition of a charitable purpose.

What should I do if I want a small product donation valued under $25.00? 

The management team at your local The Home Depot store may have resources available to support local community projects in the form of $25-off donation coupons. Please keep in mind that stores receive numerous requests from local organizations; unfortunately, they will not be able to grant every request. You can locate The Home Depot store closest to you by visiting and clicking on “Store Finder” in the top right-hand corner.

What if my nonprofit organization has ongoing needs for product donations?

In-kind product donations are handled through our Framing Hope Product Donation Program in partnership with Good360. Please visit to find out how your nonprofit organization can be matched with a local Home Depot store.

How long does the notification process take? 

Once grant applications are reviewed, all applicants will receive a written response within six weeks of receipt of a request. Please do not contact your local store or The Home Depot Customer Care helpline to inquire about the status of your application. Should you have any questions about this grant program please e-mail the Foundation by clicking here. The program is designed to assist nonprofit organizations whose community improvement project involves community volunteers and has been organized in a timely manner.

Can my organization apply for a Community Impact Grant if we’ve received a grant from The Home Depot Foundation or have worked with a local store on a Team Depot project?

Yes. All requests will be considered provided that you meet this program’s criteria and have completed a final report for previous donations received. Please keep in mind that we receive numerous requests for funding from nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately, we are not able to grant every request.

My organization received a Community Impact Grant in the previous year. Can we apply for a grant now?

Organizations that were awarded grants in the previous calendar year must wait 12 months before applying for another Community Impact Grant from The Home Depot Foundation.


What password should be used on the login page?

First time applicants must create a password, which will be used each time they log in to the application. Please make a note of this, as this information is not accessible to The Home Depot Foundation for security reasons.

After saving my application, how do I return to review, revise and/or submit the application? 

When the applicant logs in for the first time an account is automatically created using the e-mail and password information used. The applicant will receive an automated confirmation e-mail providing them with a link to use to return to the application and their “My Account” page. Add this link to your Favorites for easy access. You may also access this page here.

Why can’t I return to the original link on your Web site to access the application?

Accessing the original link will start a new application and a new account.

I have entered my email address and password and still cannot access my application or "My Account" page.

Please check your entries to make sure that you have not misspelled anything and make sure that you are using the same e-mail address you used to initially login and create your account. Should you continue to have difficulty, you will be required to apply again.

How can I save my in progress application and return to work on it?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the “Save & Finish Later” button. Selecting the “Review & Submit” button will not save your application.

I have logged into my account and don't see my application listed.

You did not press the “Save & Finish Later” button upon leaving the application. You will need to start a new application.

I logged in as a returning applicant and it takes me to a blank application.

Upon opening an application, you must choose the “Save & Finish Later” button at the bottom of the page to save the application.

I forgot my password and clicked on the "forgot password" link and I get an error message.

The email address you are using is different from the one you used to initially login and create an account. The address is either misspelled or a different address.

Why do I see several copies of the application on "My Account" page?

Each time you open the application using the original link from the Web site you create a new application.

Where do I go to complete the Final Report?

The online report format can be accessed by logging back into your "My Account" page.